Show Notes:
Sunday Night Mars here we come.
The 7 Minute Details.
No More Secrets.
*** Google Fiber Video by Cars..
Flags still standing!
China to the Moon.
Yahoo Free Food and Meetings.
Levinsohn Out.
NBC The Story not Olympics.
No Texting at Olympics Please.
Journalism via Twitter Bad Idea.
Mountain Lion Breaking Records.
Surface F-Sale 10-16.
10% Shift.
Apple not in it for Money.
Apple v Samsung Jury is Set.
Artist in cold again.
IFPI Leaker Strategy.
Torrent trackers off strike.
Extreme Case Mod.
Lighted Tetris.
ISS Traffic Jam.
GoDaddy change of Command.
New Magsafe Sucks.
TPN Round Table.
TMS Solo Show.
Lion Install Issues.
Mac Mini’s to rescue.
Hangouts coming to Gmail.
Independent Artist Breaking all Rules.
Time Warner controls Discussion.
Hijacking Anonymous Logo.
Adult Stem Cell battle.
Facebook Ad Scam?
Router Hacking New Trend.
Leopard Support?
Arrest in South Korea.