Show Notes:
Verizon and Free Tethering.
400k Cut the Cord.
TWC Loose 169k Subscribers.
Facebook Strong Arming.
Twitter Trust.
Twitter Confession.
Privacy Extinction.
Hulu on Apple TV.
Amazon Video iPad App.
Aereo steps up Assault.
Embedding not a Crime.
Craigslist Exclusive License?
Mac Hidden Wifi Utility!
Build Your Brand.
Windows 8 RTM and Immediately Hacked.
Worst Car Ever.
United’s 787!
Bye Bye Metro.
Peer to Peer Car Sharing?
Facebook Class Action.
Bandwidth Cheaper?
Find MY Phone!
Cybersecurity Bill on Ice?
Samsung sticks it out there!
Apple wants Default Judgement.
Don’t cross the Judge!
TSA above the Law?
Patent Troll Bill.
Big Space Weekend.
Software trades on own cost company 440 million.
Browser Wars.
Kim Dotcom Denied by Twiiter / Facebook.
Bands Promote Pirate Bay.
Mayer Building a Team.
Facebook Stock in Free fall.
Mosquito Flame Thrower.
Lego Wheel Chair.