Show Notes:
Video of Landing!
Software Upgrade.
Under the Hood.
False Takedown.
Rover FAQ.
****Apple and Amazon Security Flaws led to Hacking!
Apple Responds.
Apple knows of Exploit!
Woz sees Trouble in CLoud.
Keeping Data Safe in CLoud.
Digital Security Self Auditing.
YouTube out on iOS6.
Google Chrome 33%.
No Booting to Desktop in Win 8.
Records Broken.
BBS Olympics Coverage.
Swallow the Green Pill Trust Me….
MPAA Talking Points Doc.
Apollo 13 rescued by Hippie?
Carriers Crying on Profits.
Mountain Lion Bad on Battery?
E-Mail Phishing continues.
Samsung looks at Bevels.
Rad warning on Mobile Phones?
Laser versus Pitot.
Golden Handcuffs.
Windows 8 Cover Design (PUKE).
ACER Ceo Talks Turkey on Microsoft.
Bloom only loosing 50%.
Bleacher + Turner =???
Aereo Doubles DVR.
Pay to Edit / Delete.
Eight Core mobiles.
Iran Idiot Leaders.
Bluetooth Audio Receiver.
iPhone 4s Price Drop.