Show Notes:
Alpha App Net
Are you Backing Join.App.Net?
Protecting Digital Assets.
Curiosity Images.
Curiosity Camera.
Curiosity Software Upgrade.
New Lander Crash and Burns.
New iMac and Mac Pro?
MM Kicking butt at Yahoo.
Google Benefit to die to get.
Craigslist backs down.
Freedom to Spy on Us.
Teenage Hacker +25.
Conan shows how ridiculous Apple / Samsung.
Pitfall for IOS.
Amazon Cloud and Sonos.
Warner Music Streaming Profits.
iPhone 4s Price Match.
Windows 8 and that’s it!
Byte Cellar – Man Cave.
Man Cave List.
See the Dotcom Raid.
SlingPlayer and Gaming Platforms?
P2P Throttling ISP’s
Six Strike battling Language.
TRS-80 at 35!
Stackable Batteries.
$70k Survival Shelter.
WaterDog is Here!
Dish versus AMC!
Favorite Keyboard?
Goldman Sachs Programmer back in court.
Russian Proton Rocket fails to reach orbit.
DIY Space Capsule!
Order TV – Get Gun?
15% at 10mbps in USA.
NYC – Domain Awareness System.
No More Nukes?
Internet Archive 1PB of Files Released to P2P.
Big Patch Tuesday Coming.
Translate an Image!
MS and PDF unlocking.
Chrome Flash made Better.
22.5 Million Fine.
DIY Vending machines.