Show Notes:
FBI Ransomware.
Media Storage in DNA.
Hacking the Brain.
Curiosity “Fire in the Hole”
Poop Power.
March to 400gbps.
Judge Worried in Apple / Samsung Trial.
235 Questions.
Verizon crying again.
Unloading Facebook Stock.
Best Buy in Trouble?
The battle for the TV.
Apple not most valuable company.
Apple Retail Stats.
Google give up your Ghosts.
Quantum Computing.
Europe P2P Users read up.
uTorrent Alternatives.
Hiding Gold.
RIAA Bankrupt?
Instagram got bent over.
Government Spying?
Curiosity Power Guess Where From!
Full Duration Landing Video.
New Mirror!
Hulu times be changing.
No More Voodoo on eBay.
Pre-Register Windows!
Six Startups.
TV Second Screen?
Link to Stay out of Trouble!
Facebook Pitch Deck.
Fisker Car Questions.
Aviation Open House.
Galaxy HSPA.
Samsung Galaxy Note.
Android App Updates.
Which USA do you Work in?
Book Bundling!
Send a HDD to DEA!
Genetic Modified Food Debate.
BBC No iPlayer for Windows Phone.
ISS Spacewalk.
Old Bones.
New Quicker Battery charge.