Show Notes:
Neil Armstrong (RIP)
Java Zero Day Bad Bug!
Apple Stock AS “After Samsung”
Samsung Juror Issues?
Samsung Juror Ah Ha.
Samsung Appeal?
The Items!
Apple v Samsung Patent Options.
Apple Ban in South Korea?
RNC Live.
Hooha App.
Ad Tracker.
Ford C-Max Review and Demo.
Kickstarter Patron
Hisense Google TV.
Google clear on Payments to Bloggers.
Amazon Prime Enhancements.
iPhone 5 NFC?
Radio Shack Pre-Paid Phones.
Digital Media and the Deceased.
Craigslist maps.
Saudi Oil Company Hack.
Twitter Control.
Same Day Delivery?
Best Buy in Play.
Cool 18 Million LA Purchase.
Wired Phones on Decline.
Energy Drink good for you?
Google Issac Map.
Still in Jail.
50% Fake Torrents.
NYT Reminder on Privacy.
20yrs to Immortality.
iPhone / iPad Live Streaming.
100yr Old Package.
Incredible Mars Image.
MPAA Broke?
Hotel Lock Hack Fixed?
Internet Tax.
Sleep Study.
Cell Phone Thief gets Ebola.
Verizon JetPack.
Dropbox DA.
Smash Mute.