Show Notes:
Kindle Fire HD.
Making money with Fire.
Tablet Comparison Chart.
Kindle Fire HD Hands on.
UK in Luck as Well.
Digital versus Printed.
Kickstarter Failures.
Social Fixer.
Vizio Part 2.
Cutting the Cord Developments.
4k TV for $20,000
Apple Head to Head with Pandora?
Paypal and Windows Phone.
Slave Labor?
Twitter Ad$.
Pogoplug + Amazon Glacier.
Vobile to Ustream it’s your Fault.
Rent a Chromebook.
Bing It On!
My Prior Art on this Patent.
Tax hack.
Paypal Blasted!
Ebook Settlement Finalized.
Automated Bar Tender.
Cardio Application.
28.3 mph Mechanical Cheetah.
uTorrent for Mobile.
4th Amendment or Alleged Murder?
8080 Men Asked for DNA?
AT&T LTE Expansion.
Mac java Update Worthless.
Rare Autism Treatment.
New Ford Van.
Mars Clock.
Deep Drilling.
Cant Drive 85!
DMCA Out of Control!
Apple’s Golden Blogger.
Netflix in Crisis?
Human Battery.
Chinese Propaganda.
Locking down Wiki.
Bot Master gets 30 Months.
Smugmugs Price Increase Thoughts.
Windows 8 Users at Risk.
P2P Blacklist Useless.
P2P .0012?
ISP Adsorb Three Strike costs.