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GNC #828 Back in the Saddle

Show Notes:
Outsource your Own Job!
Lenovo Chrome OS.
787 Grounded.
Instagram @ 90M Active Users.
Larry Page on Apple and Facebook.
Time Warner & Netflix complaints.
ebay Fraud.
Prenda Law gets beat down.
Mega to give 50gb Free.
Canada says no to US on Megaupload Servers.
Mega Ads forced off the Air.
Red October Malware.
File Sharing.
Convicted of Linking.
Lie to Machine at Border.
Create a fake Girlfriend.
Head Strap for flying.
Ingress Updated.
Google Business Owner Advice.
Loosing Aaron Swartz.
Updated iOS Newsstand.
California lost 600 Million on Facebook.
Social Race.
Dish plays hardball with Sprint.
Curiosity to drill.
Nice FOIA.
12lb Gold Nugget.
Camtasia 8 Update.

GNC #825 A Very Tired Geek.

Show Notes:
Aussie ISP Speaks Out.
China Blocks Traffic.
Twitter Export.
Windows 8 Moving on Up.
Japan Firing up Nukes?
Facebook Mobile changing Ad buying?
Sprint Acquires Clearwire.
FBI Investigates.
Hacker Free and Clear.
NASA to change Lights.
Fox back in Court.
Twitter TV ratings.
Anonymous Attacks.
Darpa – Skynet.
YouTube Capture.
Internet Archive needs your Support.
Patenting Strong Arming.
Drones, Drones, Drones.
North Korea Shoots a Dude.
Flask Tie.
Ultimate Stress Test.
New Dog Feeder.
Cat Hoodie.
Canceling Instructions.
Nasa Johnson Style.
Soyuz at 46.
Expedition 34.
Amazon ready to Compete.
Hacker gets 10.
Google Kicks Microsoft.
More Iranian Malware.
Instagram TOS.
Millions of Core.
Facebook Invades Yelp Turf.
Weblog at 15.
First Flight 109.
Softbank Global Sat Phones.
Mississippi River.
F/A 18 Experiment.
MPAA says Google at Fault.

GNC #809 Too Many Buttons

Show Notes:
New ChromeBook
Microsoft Surface Pricing.
iPod Nano Review.
GoPro Hero3!
Kids Suspended Unbelievable.
Verizon is Spying on you Big Time.
Silent Circle?
iOS 6 Spying on You!
Sprint controls Clearwire.
Newsweek Print RIP.
Good Old Games.
Windows 8 TV Ad.
Cheap Computer Vacuum.
Six Strikes Coming.
Six Strikes Appeal $35.00.
Java be gone from Mac.
4.3 Light Year Neighbor.
Endeavor LA Journey Video.
Is it Gold?
Dutch want to spy on You.
Nissan wants to drive for you.
Surface Varieties.
Surface Versus iPad.
15 Hot Windows 8 machines.
IE Version 10 Next Month.
Need for Speed.
Apple Looses Twice.
Microsoft Earnings.
Verizon LTE on Roll.
Amazon News.
Google Earnings.
Periodic Game.

GNC #801 Live from Japan

Show Notes:
iPhone 5 Jailbreak.
Nestle – Willy Wonka?
No Smiling.
LAPD Warantless Tracking?
Bankrupt Country?
Galaxy Note II.
Sophos kills itself.
Astronomy Pick of the Year.
Podcasting and iOS 6?
Livestream Ad Free?
Roku on a Stick.
YouTube and Court Fight over Movie.
Chinese Pirates.
Iran Intranet.
Mars One.
Apple Maps Suck.
Planes and Cellphone Calls.
SpaceX First Paid Launch.
Group Mapping.
Share Everything.
iOS 6 Demand High.
Google Map App.
The Internet Association.
United Boarding Passes.
IPV4 Trading.
Walmart Boots Kindles.

GNC #797 Utter Chaos

Show Notes:
Kindle Fire HD.
Making money with Fire.
Tablet Comparison Chart.
Kindle Fire HD Hands on.
UK in Luck as Well.
Digital versus Printed.
Kickstarter Failures.
Social Fixer.
Vizio Part 2.
Cutting the Cord Developments.
4k TV for $20,000
Apple Head to Head with Pandora?
Paypal and Windows Phone.
Slave Labor?
Twitter Ad$.
Pogoplug + Amazon Glacier.
Vobile to Ustream it’s your Fault.
Rent a Chromebook.
Bing It On!
My Prior Art on this Patent.
Tax hack.
Paypal Blasted!
Ebook Settlement Finalized.
Automated Bar Tender.
Cardio Application.
28.3 mph Mechanical Cheetah.
uTorrent for Mobile.
4th Amendment or Alleged Murder?
8080 Men Asked for DNA?
AT&T LTE Expansion.
Mac java Update Worthless.
Rare Autism Treatment.
New Ford Van.
Mars Clock.
Deep Drilling.
Cant Drive 85!
DMCA Out of Control!
Apple’s Golden Blogger.
Netflix in Crisis?
Human Battery.
Chinese Propaganda.
Locking down Wiki.
Bot Master gets 30 Months.
Smugmugs Price Increase Thoughts.
Windows 8 Users at Risk.
P2P Blacklist Useless.
P2P .0012?
ISP Adsorb Three Strike costs.

GNC #770 Live from a Barn

Show Notes:
Traktor Kontrol 1
ProtoSpot Mini.
Google Update.
Win 8 Upgrade $14.99
iRig Mic.
Int Roaming Goes Down.
Paralysis Cure!
Google Hacked.
ISS Video Coolness.
Vidabox Ethernet Cable Charging.
Google Nexus $149.00
Softbank Radiation Detector Mobile Phone.
Google Product Listings Paid.
TPN Round Table.
Google+ Events.
Google 50 top level domains.
Dragon Splashdown.
RIAA want’s unlimited take-down.
Oracle Case ripped apart.
Cable Cutters reasons deemed illegal.
Skype News.
Amazon Sales Tax.