Show Notes:
New ChromeBook
Microsoft Surface Pricing.
iPod Nano Review.
GoPro Hero3!
Kids Suspended Unbelievable.
Verizon is Spying on you Big Time.
Silent Circle?
iOS 6 Spying on You!
Sprint controls Clearwire.
Newsweek Print RIP.
Good Old Games.
Windows 8 TV Ad.
Cheap Computer Vacuum.
Six Strikes Coming.
Six Strikes Appeal $35.00.
Java be gone from Mac.
4.3 Light Year Neighbor.
Endeavor LA Journey Video.
Is it Gold?
Dutch want to spy on You.
Nissan wants to drive for you.
Surface Varieties.
Surface Versus iPad.
15 Hot Windows 8 machines.
IE Version 10 Next Month.
Need for Speed.
Apple Looses Twice.
Microsoft Earnings.
Verizon LTE on Roll.
Amazon News.
Google Earnings.
Periodic Game.