Show Notes:
Aussie ISP Speaks Out.
China Blocks Traffic.
Twitter Export.
Windows 8 Moving on Up.
Japan Firing up Nukes?
Facebook Mobile changing Ad buying?
Sprint Acquires Clearwire.
FBI Investigates.
Hacker Free and Clear.
NASA to change Lights.
Fox back in Court.
Twitter TV ratings.
Anonymous Attacks.
Darpa – Skynet.
YouTube Capture.
Internet Archive needs your Support.
Patenting Strong Arming.
Drones, Drones, Drones.
North Korea Shoots a Dude.
Flask Tie.
Ultimate Stress Test.
New Dog Feeder.
Cat Hoodie.
Canceling Instructions.
Nasa Johnson Style.
Soyuz at 46.
Expedition 34.
Amazon ready to Compete.
Hacker gets 10.
Google Kicks Microsoft.
More Iranian Malware.
Instagram TOS.
Millions of Core.
Facebook Invades Yelp Turf.
Weblog at 15.
First Flight 109.
Softbank Global Sat Phones.
Mississippi River.
F/A 18 Experiment.
MPAA says Google at Fault.