Show Notes:
Outsource your Own Job!
Lenovo Chrome OS.
787 Grounded.
Instagram @ 90M Active Users.
Larry Page on Apple and Facebook.
Time Warner & Netflix complaints.
ebay Fraud.
Prenda Law gets beat down.
Mega to give 50gb Free.
Canada says no to US on Megaupload Servers.
Mega Ads forced off the Air.
Red October Malware.
File Sharing.
Convicted of Linking.
Lie to Machine at Border.
Create a fake Girlfriend.
Head Strap for flying.
Ingress Updated.
Google Business Owner Advice.
Loosing Aaron Swartz.
Updated iOS Newsstand.
California lost 600 Million on Facebook.
Social Race.
Dish plays hardball with Sprint.
Curiosity to drill.
Nice FOIA.
12lb Gold Nugget.
Camtasia 8 Update.