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Show Links to all Kinds of Great Tech & Science News

GNC #880 YouTube Live Big Announcement

Show Notes:
YouTube Live
Geeks.com Out of Business.
Personal Amazon and Washington Post.
Comcast Warns Pirates.
Anti-Theft Backpack.
Confused Xerox Machines.
Pirates Get out of Lawsuit.
AT&T and Bootloaders.
Feedly how can I pay you?
Cox and Personalized TV.
Fukushima Update.
1400 Asteroids.
Tape Fanatic.
Zens QI Wireless.
Blizzard on Pandora.
RAVPower Review.
Catch RIP.
Square Update.
ITC Veto.
SOPA Again?
Prenda in the News Again!
LinkedIn Jobs.
Time Warner and CBS Battle it out.
Hotel WiFi and Chromecast.
Redbox Instant and Roku.
Apple Trade In Program.
Samsung and Tizen?
H&M Opens Digital Store.
VC Bad Bet?
Big Wheel for Adult.

GNC #879 No Storm

Show Notes:
Snowden gets Asylum.
Snowden Offered a Job.
SpaceX Scores Canadian Contract.
Glass banned at Google.
BitTorrent Has a close call.
EZTV Fights Back.
No Money for Party.
Verizon gets Stupid.
Google Fiber Sports Package.
Android Leader of the Pack.
Nexus 7 Review.
Chromecast Review.
FBI Mobile Tactics.
Google Search Gets Police Visit.
Salt Meter.
Chromecast Apps Rolling Out.
Cord Cutter Stats.
Curiosity 1 Year on Mars Video.
Time Warner Numbers Down.
Root New Nexus 7.
NYC YouTube Studio.
USB 3.1 10GBPS
Ban on IAT.
US Workers more Productive?
ITC Delays Samsung Ban.
No Glass in UK vehicles.
737 in Bedroom.
iPhone Hacked by Charger.
Office 365 to Android.
What where they Thinking?
Unlocking Bill Passes Committee.

GNC #878 Storm Headed my Way.

Show Links:
Sign the Petition.
UK Net Filtering out of Control.
Cheaper iPhone.
New Kind of Patch.
Time Warner Raises Cable Modem Fees.
Activist Storm Congressman’s Office.
Lenovo Unsafe?
Thumb Drive Threat.
State of WordPress.
MPAA wants 750 Million?
New Zealand 1.6 Million on Dotcom.
Apple Scalpers.
New Zagat App.
Benz Door to Door with Glass.
iOS7 Beta 4.
Pinch to Zoom Patent Out.
Chromecast Review.
Facebook Hashtags #Fail.
Nick in Crash Landing.
AT&T Broadband Offering is a Joke.
Apple Shakeup?
Tweeting Death?
Apple Bag Lawsuit.
VCR Unsung Hero.
Zynga Shedding Executives.
Vimeo & Redbox next for Chromecast.
iPhone Biometrics.
Progress to ISS.
Yacht Hack.
Store Targeting.
Car Hacking.
Electric Hummer.
Russian Cell Phone Scanning.
CBS & Time Warner = Greed.
Xbox One 29 November.
ASCAP unhappy with Pandora on Radio Station Buy.
Senators Unhappy.
DSLR Remote with Smartphone.
One Handed bottle Opener.

GNC #877 Chromecast

Show Notes:
Chromecast #2
Chromecast #3
Chromecast #4
Chromecast #5
150 Million CC Numbers.
New Nexus 7.
Amazon Cloud growth.
TV Ad growth?
Gravity Trailer.
Sun like you have never seen it.
Inside a Nuclear Storage Center.
Memory Implantation.
120k Spent from Kickstarter?
Fat Burning Breathalyzer.
Have NFC get a free Guinness.
Amazon Photo App does Video.
Amazon looses 7 Million.
Google Blocks Grooveshark.
100 Million Links removed.
Banned Movie huge Torrent Success.
How they Voted.
iHeartRadio adds Talk.
Dish wins again.
Bailing on Bonds.
Orion passes 10th Parachute Drop.
Phone + GPS + Photo = No Privacy.
7000 Gov’t Data Centers.
NASA Wise Blows my Mind.
Sprint turns on the Speed.
Light Stopped for 1 Minute.
Garmin works to stay in the Game.
Car Hackers.
Facebook Financials.

GNC #876 One Billion Subscribers

Show Notes:
One Billion Subsribers.
Apple Hacked.
New Media Show.
Prenda Smacked Again.
Google Traffic.
X & Y Both mater.
Pilot Shortage.
New Zealand to Spy on Citizens.
1.6 TB SSS by Samsung.
Microsoft 1 Million Servers.
11,000 electrode programmable chip.
Best Streaming iOS Apps.
Best Streaming Android Apps.
Aereo Expanding.
Earth from Saturn.
Glass should not go here.
Netflix Original.
UK Blocking more Torrent Sites.
Gmail Ads.
$15k for a TV?
Fast USB 3.0 Drive.
Sim Security.
Second Screen TV.
Clubs install Pee-Analyzers.
Google Driverless cars.
The Government Order.
Mega Streaming Video Portal.
Pirate Bay 10th Anniversary.
Suit repair NASA Style.
Hunt for Dark Mater.
FOIA Machine.
Comic Con News.
RFID No More.
ATOM Processor.
Sign Language Interpreter.
Sandisk Wireless USB Drive.

GNC #875 Heart to Heart

Show Links:
Glass Gets Patched.
3 Steps of Separation.
92 Quadrillion.
Judge Wright Smackdown.
NJ Supreme Court Ruling.
Homeland Security – Don’t Read.
Judge Mad on Aereo Decision.
MIT Blocks FOI REquest.
Pic of the Day!
NASA Budget.
Aborted Spacewalk.
Are you a VIP?
Amazon gets .pin
Samsung to sign Gov’t contracts.
Data Request by UK Gov’t.
Virtual Valets.
Google Struggles with Mobile.
Online Ed Suspended.
Apple TV Ambitions.
No .Amazon for you.
Newest Killer Fonts.
Your Bill explained on Video.
Health Tech.
Fights on over Surveillance.
Gold by the Boat Load.
Microsoft RT Fail.
Dualband Bluetooth.
TGP #114
Google Earnings.
Microsoft Earnings.
AMD Earnings.
Crowd Sourcing Traffic.
MacBook Air Update.
Netflix Emmy Nominations.

GNC #874 Awkward Moment

Show Notes:
Anyone Can Sue.
Worst Patent Trolls.
Prenda Appeal.
Not your Wife’s Mini Van.
4000 mph Bullet Train.
New Satellites.
Cassini to Image Home.
Rover in Overdirve.
Bill Gates and College Lectures.
Google Entrepreneurs.
360TB Glass Media.
New Android App Store.
iMDB App.
Thunderbolt Device Shortage.
JK Rowling.
3D Printed Rocket Engine.
UK Gov’t and ISP at War.
Fukushima Update.
Pebble Challenges.
Data Center Heating up.
Space Penetrator.
Sun EMP.
Apple TV Ad Skipping.
Neptune has 2 more Moons.
Get a New Username at Yahoo.
Yahoo vs FISA.
Pirate Ad Fighting.
Rovio AB Star Wars II.
Free Android Apps.
HULU Not for Sale.
Get a New Phone early @ Verizon.
Hack you Verizon Base Extender.
German UAV Crash.

GNC #873 Funk

Show Notes:
Cobalt ExpoPlanet.
30 Super Novas a Second.
Chinese Hacker Targets.
PC World RIP Print.
Microsoft Revealed?
Microsoft Statement.
Microsoft Reorganization.
Google Group Settings Whoops.
Navy Drone Lands on Carrier.
Yahoo breaks Deal.
Alternative Search Engines.
Canadian Space Robots.
$200 for an iPad 2/3.
HP Secret Backdoor.
Iris Scans.
Prenda Does Not Pay Up.
RIAA Propaganda.
$500k Bail Money.
More Copyright Trolls.
Inspector Gadget.
Sprint New Plans.
Sprint Build it Out.
WSJ / Apple.
Cord Cutters.
Wii U No Speed Increase.
Sony Music Update.
Surface RT Reduced Price.
If This Then That.
Time For Android.
Hearst TV sues Aereo
Defcon Black Hat.
NASA’s Next Rover.
Prenda 238K Appeal.
Amazon Price Cut.

GNC #872 Glass Impressions

Show Links:
Glass Action
Brazil and EU.
Kickstarter Issues.
Temp is In.
iOS 7 Beta 3.
iWatch Watch.
Lake Vostok
SETI in the UK.
Kepler Rescue Plan.
Driverless Car.
Heads Up In Your Car.
WWC in Game Pay to Play.
No more land Lines.
Verizon Catch Up.
Microsoft Announcement.
Netflix Earnings Video.
Hulu still in Play.
EAS and Hackers.
The Hidden Universe.
Rover Roving.
25 Million Takedowns.
P2P Stats.
Pirate Bay Founder Appeal.
Samsung Top.
EFF Win.
Opt Out.
Barnes & Noble CEO Out.
TrustID Acquired.
Ad Spend Up.
Navy’s New Guns.
$1000 Nite Light.
BOA Twitter Bot.
Dispatch vs Mailbox.
Clearwire Buyout Approved.
Netflix and CBS Renew.
Bending the Truth.
Windows 8.1 Concerns?
Windows 8.1 RTM late August.
Prince Andrew Tweeting.

GNC #871 Glass Pickup

Show Notes:
UberX in LA.
Glass Update.
Google Glass Privacy and Congress.
Glass Web Browser.
Firefox Tablet.
Nextel Network RIP.
Ultimate Autograph.
Thorium Nuclear Power.
Cable Mergers?
CERN Cloud.
Fake or Real?
Zynga Change of Command.
Skype @ 100M on Android.
Winklevoss Twins.
Do Not Call Fine.
Valuable Rock.
NASA new Look.
Orion Test Launch in 14.
In Saturn’s Rings
Google Pressuring TV Manufactures?
Filter Fakers.
Rental Car 101.
Not as much Porn.
Windows Store 100k Apps.
Lone Coder Duplicates Google Reader.
Filip Phone for you young Kids.
$42.00 Can Opener?
Blackberry Playbook no More Updates.
LAX Updated Terminal.
Samsung Apple Divorce Complete?
Body Powered Flashlight.
Apple Q3 pending.