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Show Links to all Kinds of Great Tech & Science News

GNC #890 Monitoring our Visa Transactions Too?

Show Notes:
Bank and Credit Card Monitoring?
Smartcards Insecure?
Troll Wars.
Student Surveillance State!
No Tethering Glass.
Pirates help with Programming at Netflix.
Hacking a CPU in the Weeds.
Lost Creator is Back!
AT&T to cancel Pirates.
FEMA freaks out over Drone.
East German Stasi Spying Museum.
YouTube Embed and Chromecast.
Google Voice Update.
Private Space Launches Slip.
Rhapsody lays some off.
High Resolution Moon.
Double Olympic Eviction.
Star Wars Awesome.
eBook from Local Library.
Belkin 2-Port Charger.
iPad – Surface Trade In Details.
21% use Mobile Internet as Primary
Saturn IB
All is Quiet on Sun.
DOD needs a Fax Machine.
Wasteful Government Expsense.
What to expect by Military in Pandemic.
Afghan Internet @ 3.5%
NASDAQ leaves hole in Website.
Apple Risk on 2 iPhones.
Twitter Version 3.
Solar impedes Firemen.
4 Million in fines over Fax.
Global Warming not so fast.
Costa Concordia Upright.

GNC #889 Voyager has left the Building

Show Links:
Voyager Audio of Interstellar Space.
Space Map.
Twitter IPO.
iOS 7 Cartoon.
Apple Innovations Decline.
iPhone 5s Boring.
M7 Co-Processor.
Fingerprint give up 5th.
Calendar 5.
Snowden / Reporter Relationship.
Roku Chromecast Like Support.
Juno Flyby.
Facebook Autoplay.
Microsoft iPad Trade In program.
47 Jobs.
New Chromebooks.
Vimeo on Demand.
Media Shield.
Teen bids $33k.
YMCA Copyright Battle.
Judge had it with Prenda.
Why Change in Policy.
Treason @ Yahoo?
Dell to buy Dell.
Verizon’s Plan for the Internet.
Flying Frog.
Apple OS Updates.
Huuble finds clues on Dark matter.
4k Streaming Video.
IMAP to come to Outlook.com.
Twitter Pampers the VIP’s.
Pay for McDonalds with App.
Samsung Mobile and 64bit.
Ray Dolby RIP.
JAVA Security.
Patent Trolls and VT.
Last Typewriter repairman dead.
Soyuz returns.
Need power check this Vehicle out.
United Computer Glitch.

GNC #888 Apples Big Day!

Show Notes:
Apple Live.
iPhone 5S Parody.
Google+ Embeded Posts.
Surface Round 2?
XBox One Interface.
Windows Phone 8.1.
GTA 5 cost 265 Million to make.
New Playstation Vita / TV.
Playstation Vita.
Google Logo Update Leaks?
Grasshopper Flys.
Comet Hunter Lost?
Mars Volunteers over 200K.
NASA fixes Ladee.
Nexus 7 with LTE Available.
Udacity News.
AMAZING 3d Model Software.
Burning Man off the Hook.
Google Glass Update.
USB 3.0 Connector.
Verizon wants to Block sites you Visit.
Break Rules become a Judge.
John Hopkins Take down.
John Gilmore on Key Standards.
Google Building Serious Encryption.
Seagate HD failure Insurance!
Seagate 5TB Drive this year.
Foursquare Dish Finder.
Apple and older Mac’s.
YouTube Confession of Murder.
NBA Tracking Players on Court.
Tokyo wins 2020 Summer Games heads explode at NBC.
Human to Human Mind Control.
Jail for this?
Paperback book of Steve Jobs.

GNC #887 It’s Go Time!

Show Notes:
Chrome the Trojan Horse.
Elon Musk Video!
Samsung Smartwatch.
GoDaddy Changes Focus.
UBER to prevent DUI’s?
Nokia and Microsoft.
iPhone Repair.
Film On X looses in court.
Curb Kicks.
Google Gmail Class Action.
Audi Tech.
H.265 Decoder.
Marketers Accurate or Not?
Need a Job? Have a clearance?
Brazil President Pissed.
Oyster all you can eat.
First Xbox One Ad.
Bing Update.
Yahoo Update.
Artificial Muscle.
No Upgrade for you!
Kindle Matchbook.
RIP Paperback?
6 Inch iPhone?
Our Pee?
RSS is Alive.
Follow the Bitcoins.
TRENDNet 20 year probation.
Banking Trojan.
Internet Anonymous.
Space Winds Change.
Space Photos.
NASA Pool Experience.

GNC #886 How much is To Much?

Show Notes:
How much damage now?
Snowden Spoofer.
Snowden Brilliant Traitor!
Tech Companies Versus NSA?
Rover gets Drivers License.
McAfee Again.
3hr Prenda Hearing.
Nexus 7 LTE Mid Sept.
Gravity Trailer.
Martian Descendants?
Delta 4 launch.
TOR Doubles.
Google Fiber Expands.
Mechanical Turk..
Stupid Bank Robbers.
600mbps Space Internet.
USPTO IPE Comments
Amazon in UK and Germany Changes.
Woman Flips Out.
***Texting someone driving = Your Liable!***
Facebook and your Data.
Amazon Warehouse King.
New Nexus & Update.
Foursquare Annoying Update.
How to make a Tech Commercial.
Xbox One kicks the Audio.
Mars Solar Eclipse Captured.
Parallels 9.
Digg App.
Price cuts hold!
Microsoft to take stake in Foursquare?
Microsoft Battles Malware on Windows Phone.
Did some touch my Computer?

GNC #885 Chromecast not so Open!

Show Notes:
Uber going Driverless!
Chromecast Issues.
Feedly has Pro Option Now.
Moto X online August 29th.
EFF & Lessig battle Music Company.
Malware on Mobile Stats.
Oldest Sun.
Windows 8.1 Images.
DOJ outs Google in Document.
Space Photo of the Day.
Spitzer Space Images.
UK Official out of his Mind.
Steve Jobs Email on Amazon.
Financial Companies to Avoid.
Top 10 Internet Cities.
Facebook Shared Albums.
Bitcoin Regulations Coming?
Siri Turned Rouge?
Ballmers Out.
Top 8 to Replace Ballmer.
Rabbit Ears for Time Warner Customers.
Woz Smacks Microsoft.
Amazon Outage.
Omate Smart Watch.
.cn DDOS
No Internet?
170 Years of Hurricanes.
Nice Bike Accessories.
Affleck Batman Outrage.
LG G Pad.
Mophie for Galaxy S4.
Green Shower head that goes Red.
Lavabit Alternative.
Three Chrome Features.

GNC #884 Nexus 7 Update

Show Links:
Comcast Threatens.
MPAA Wants More.
Boyfriend Tracker?
Gmail Metadata.
Saudi and Social Sites.
Privacy and Teenagers.
Presidents Outside Experts.
Maker $1500.00 3D Scanner.
Tesla 5.4?
Facebook App Update.
Delta + Windows Phone = ?
Facebook Page Maker Update.
CBS Frustrated.
Find My iPhone Goof.
Glass + Drone = Don’t Sneeze.
Kapture Kickstarter.
New Class of Government Employee.
No Dust on these Cars.
Logitech K400.
Ubuntu Edge Kickstarter comes in short.
DirectTV App Updated.
ChromeOS 29.
NASA Activates WISE.
Lodsys Backs Down.
PM Demands HD Destroyed.
Fukishima in Trouble?
Avoid Hotel Quebec!!!!!!
Orb Networks Pulls the Plug.
Pandora Lifting Free Cap.
New Brain Scanner reads thoughts.
Body Hacking Storage.
Orbit Downloader users read.
Time Machine Backups.
No More Anonymous.
Cord Cutters will you pay if the come?
NASDAQ has a bad day.
Nexus 7 Update.

GNC #883 Two iPhones?

Show Notes:
NMS #17
International Shakedown.
Smashing Hard-Drives.
In the Bag Journalist?
VPN & TOR bans?
Six Strike Oversight.
Two Phones.
Gold Phone.
Phone Switchers.
Overstock Declares War.
Pay Per Gaze.
LG Retina Screen?
EV Popularity.
Google Glass in 2014.
Facebook Hack.
Inside Patent Trolls.
Tweet and Go to Jail.
Solar Powered Drones.
Dont Spoof your IP.
Xbox One Update.
iOS App Security?
Woz Smacks Down Movie.
GoDaddy buys Locu.
Skype in Outlook.
Crowdfunding Twist.
NFC + Eink = Cool.
Google Glass for Police and Fire.
Try to beat this.
Parkinson’s Treatment.
20% Don’t use Internet.
Amazon.com Outage.
Germany Recognizes BitCoin.
New YouTube App for Droid.
F35 Vert Landing.
Would you buy this?
Feedly and OPML is coming.

GNC #882 Podcasting is Alive

Show Links:
Prenda Ran Honeypots.
Prenda Pretends?
US Gov’t 690k Facebook Like Buy.
Microsoft responds to YouTube.
Gmail Privacy.
5th Amendment.
Twitter rooting out fake content.
Bitcoin Robbery.
C-Max Hybrid Owners Heads Up.
Spoiled Millennials.
Product DNA.
Insulin Inhaler.
Tweet for drugs get Fired.
Windows 8.1 Release Date Announced.
Skype to ship with Windows 8.1
Baltimore wants Fiber.
Roku versus Apple TV.
Google OpenDNS Outage.
Editorial for iOS.
Plastic Box Prank.
Watch Star Explode.
Quantify Consciousness.
Mobile Fanboys.
Quantum Teleportation.
Coat Hanger ISS Tracking.
CBS Blackout Aereo Winning.
Macbook Air Batter Efficiency.
Google Glass Inventory.
Facebook Payments.
Any Surface.
Adaptv Fraud?
Salesfource Outage.
Creepy Google Search/
Google Encrypts the Cloud.
Kepler Lost.
Earth II.
New Carbon.
Chromecast Image.

GNC #881 Making Noise

Show Links:
LavaBit Folds.
Silent Circle Folds.
RC Tank Jams Wireless.
BitCoin Legal Tender?
WiFi Stalker Boxes.
Facebook Video Ads.
Windows 7 God Mode.
Moto X Your Way.
Google Releases Patents.
Xbox One User Prepare to Pay.
Lodsys Settles?
Trimming the Fat.
Back to Roots.
Google Play Books Updated.
Space Fence to come down?
Gogo Going Good.
Roku Update.
Apple Board says Kick it in Gear.
Apple TV to get Vevo.
CBS Versus Time Warner Round 4.
Best Buy Deals LTO.
KeyMe App.
Defcon Documentary.
Print Plunges.
Rdio Adds Channel.
Facebook Feeds.
Priority Calls.
New Nexus 7 to UK.
ACER Fewer Windows Machines.
Japan Cargo to ISS.
Russia back in Heavy Lift Business.
Aereo Expanding.
New Thor Trailer.
Cord Cutting.
Domestic Spying?
Game of Thrones Pirating.
Talking on Phone and Driving.
Camels Transmitting Virus to Humans.
MS New Surface.
Honda Fit 86 Miles.