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Show Links to all Kinds of Great Tech & Science News

GNC #900 – Episode 900!

Show Notes:
New iPads for everyone.
Google Sets up VPN Proxy.
For your Special Friend.
Xbox and Windows 8.
Copyright Idiots.
Russia wants to be like NSA.
France is Pissed.
Gold iPad.
Smart Teen.
Google Update.
Yahoo versus Microsoft.
Air News.
Netflix has record Quarter.
Apple Tv Please!
Gates Investing in Construction.
Hair for Men.
VPN’s folding.
GarageBand Freemium?
P2P Distributor Insider Story.
Verizon Bug.
Selling our SSN!
HealthCare.gov #fail
Ohh Great CISPA is Back.
Don’t Hack my Heart Dude.
Twitter Ban Bit.ly
Google Project Shield.
What’s Siri.
isoHunt RIP.
Windows 8.1 Fix.
Google Grip on Android.
GTA Idiots.
Adblock Facebook.

GNC #899 Cable Company Bribe

Show Notes:
Bugs Bunny Bomb.
New Sushi Store design.
Prenda Case gets crazy.
iMessage Secure?
41% Mobile to YouTube.
The British are Coming.
False Science.
Apple Event.
Boeing or Microsoft?
Project Stop Watching Us.
Windows 8.1 Review.
Windows 8.1 Update.
Nexus 5 $349.00
AMD in Black.
IsoHunt gets Slammed.
AT&T Tablet Deals.
Get some Sleep.
Obamacare Website 4 days of Testing.
Asteroid 2032 Date With Earth.
Samsung Set Top Box.
Google 15 Billion Quarter.
Car Lock for Texting.
Facebook Post Editing.
Hulu CEO.
Twitter DM.
Software Engineer Salaries.
Bit Coin Boom.

GNC #898 CES Crowd Funding Campaign

Show Links:
NMS #24
D-Link Backdoor.
Is there Privacy Anymore?
Valley in Hiding?
1 Million year Data Storage?
Grasshopper Record.
Google Opt Out.
Smart Shelves.
Citizen Harassment.
ICANN Hammer Coming.
Juno Ok.
Scientific American / Pop Science?
Bitcoin Minning.
Yahoo Mail Users Not Happy.
AlaCarte TV.
More NSA Revelations.
Lavabit to open Short Time.
Flickr 25% More.
Code.org Scores Heavies.
Hiding the Source Code?
Final Shuttle Journey.
Windows Phone 8 Update 3.
HTC One Max.
Sonos Play1.
Snapchat and DOJ.
Netflix TV?
Stolen Apache.
Drone Pilot Interview.
Google BitTorrent Client spreads Malware.
Yahoo and SSL.
Scheduled Pay Tweets.
Possible MS Drug.
Get the NFL Anyplace.
UAL Booking Issues.
Relatives of 5300 yr old Iceman found.

GNC #897 Ninth Anniversary Show

Show Links:
15 Things.
Facebook Privacy is Crap.
Your Facebook post cost you the loan.
VSP collects Plates.
Data Flow.
Brain Waves for Pricing.
Lavabit Appeal.
GoDaddy Revokes.
Google TV -> Android TV.
Quantum Lab.
ExtraTorrent to fight.
MPAA and Wet Paper Bags.
Millennial’s Disconnect.
Stitcher Podcaster!
PC Sales.
T-Mobile Int Data Roaming.
Xbox One.
Hackers and VBulletin.
Cable Security.
Keyloggers at Nordstroms.
Ford Sets Speed Record.
Samsung profits Explode.
Fast Track CEO.
No One does it?
Massive Solar goes Online.
Army -> Iron Man.
IT Fail.
Hey Beer Lovers!
Earth 2?
Intern Slaves.
Bose takes on Sonos.
Door to Door.
Aereo wins another round.
Crazy Designs.
Iconic Designers.
Nuke Safety on Hold.
Spark Camera App.
Yes Point.
Dropcam Pro.

GNC #896 Teen Hackers

Show Notes:
NMS #23 Covering a Trade Show.
Nuclear Fusion Update.
Teen Hackers.
Airbnb Renters targeted NYC.
Google Glass Update.
Buzz gives Gravity Accolades.
Ultimate Unboxing.
Real Gravity Situation.
The Sound of Gravity.
Best Buy & Samsung?
Fox News Desk Crazy.
US Oil and Gas.
Russian Pirate Party offers Assistance to NASA.
Silk Shutdown = Trouble?
Tethering without Paying.
FOIA Request Skyrocket.
Apple Earnings.
Nine Year Old Stowaway.
NASA Moon Probe.
Earth 2.
Gravity Assist.
NO ET Detection.
Billion Pound Brain.
Tech Walk Through of Healthcare.gov.
Google Play and HBO Offerings.
Windows 8 Improvements.
Five Wi-Fi Myths.
Ballmer Shareholder Letter.
Curved Mobile Screen.
Amazon Storage Deals.
Valve Steam Prototype.
Updates Skype App.

GNC #895 Lavabit Battle with Feds!

Show Notes:
Attempt to Irritate.
The Gadget Professor.
Lavabit Battles Federal Government.
No You Cannot.
Verizon Says Protect your own Data.
Fukushima 4 Concern.
Surface 2 Sales Good?
Silk Road Founder in Jail.
Push Bill Out?
Google and the Enterprise.
Selling your TV comments to Nielsen.
Bezos owns the Post.
Apple Supply Issues?
Murder in Iran.
Obamacare Scam Emails.
Samsung Android TV.
182 Square Foot Home.
HTC Dual Boot mobile Phone.
Airbnd trying to sooth NYC.
Amazon STB.
Buy prepaid Target Brand Phone.
Apple buys Cue.
Adobe Hacked.
Base Jump Video.
Twitter IPO #1
Twitter Revenue.
Twitter Growth.
Hidden commands in your remote.
13 Anonymous Arrested.
Ballmer pay Docked.
Samsung in more trouble.
Did Bing Campaign Cheat?
MIT Droplet Breakthrough.
Your phone is not a Level.

GNC #894 No Shutdown Here

Show Links:
Digital Dead Drops.
Browser Data Collection.
Mcafee versus NSA?
Bacteria Gas Poop.
Don’t Drone me.
More Revelations in December?
Public Facebook.
Cheating YouTube.
Apple Markup.
Google Web Designer App.
Going Offshore?
Obamacare boom to Tech?
Orbital Science.
Plastic on Titan?
Casino Scam.
50gb Download for Game.
Free Speech Win.
Windows 8.1 ad.
Nexus 5.
School Choices.
Hotspot Safety.
Pillars of Creation.
Pics of the Year.
Galaxy Density.
Head to Head all iPhone Models.
Rewired Amputated Leg.
Codebreaker Demise.
IE 10 Zero Day.
How much is your new Health Care?
AR Glasses Impress.
Delta goes with Windows Slate.
NFC Vending Machines.
Xbox One Kinect.
Secure Messenger App.
Aquos Phone Screen Impresses.
Verizon Unlimited Glitch.
Phantom Phone Vibe.
Hydrogen Bond Seen.
Toshiba kills 3k Jobs.

GNC #893 Ctrl-Alt-Del a Mistake

Show Notes:
Ctrl-Alt-Del a Mistake.
Ballmer goes out in Ballmer Style.
Mulally to Microsoft?
vPro Spying on Us?
Google launches Hummingbird.
Verizon Public Enemy #1?
Government Shutdown.
Stupid Ideas.
Abuse you Lose.
Gmail to Class Action.
Give Us Apps Give Us Apps!!
Galaxy Note 3 Disaster.
Livio Acquired by Ford.
Facebook to allow Edits.
Thermal Solar Power.
Soyuz to ISS.
Alien Planets found 1000.
Tagging the ISS.
Students Hack iPads.
Death of CableCard?
Netflix Super HD.
Recon gets cash from Intel.
Google Street View Surprise.
Sprint Speaks Out.
Embedded Hardware Malware.
Netflix gets a boost.
Judge makes Patent Troll Dance.
Stupid is as Stupid Does.
Planes and Phones 🙂
Lot’s of Water on Mars.
Windows Stores to Merge.
Apple TV Setup by iPhone.

GNC #892 Surface 2 & 9 Million iPhones Sold

Show Notes:
Podcasting Next Level.
Happy B-Day Android.
Surface 2 Liveblog.
200gb Skydrive Accounts.
Surface Pro 2
Surface 2 Tablet.
Surface 2 Links.
9 Million iPhones Sold.
iPhone 5S Aesthetics.
$10k for Gold iPhone.
9 Million?
iTunes Radio.
Minors Erase Online Life.
Heartbeat Password?
Verizon Killing Internet.
Firefox most trustworthy?
3rd Radiation Belt.
Blackberry Saved.
Twitter Torrent Bug.
P2P Seized Domain Owner to Fight.
21 Billion.
What we Watch.
Dish Versus ESPN.
Google Fair Use Case.
Link Rot.
History End of Apollo.
NSA Complaining?
Judge battles Journalist.
Dumb things companies do.
Fedora @ 10.
ISS Delivery Delay.
Gmail Outage.
Google banning Chrome Plugins.
Customize Siri.
15 Slow Motion Videos from iPhone 5s.
College TV cable Cutters.
No more Airplane Mode.
Apple iPhone 5s Security Beat.
NYPD Apple Update Flyer.
Grand Theft V Rude and Crude.
$350k Fake Review Fine.
Twitter + CBS = Twitter Video.
Linkedin Pushes Job offer notifications.
Apple TV 6.0
Google Dictionary.
Brainwashing out Kids.
iTunes Radio Lauches on Nissan.
House of Cards Emmy.
Global Political Constitute Site.
Wearable Air Bag.

GNC #891 Digging into iOS7

Show Links:
It will grow on you?
Before and After.
12 New Settings.
6 Tips and Tricks.
Lock Broken.
No Gold or Silver.
Apple Leadership.
Design wont carry the day.
Tesla Help Wanted.
Verizon TV.
Bold Stunt.
9567 Petabytes.
RIAA always wants something.
Music Piracy Decline by 1/3rd.
Internet Archive Unsafe.
Cord Never.
No More Helium.
Quickoffice smacks Microsoft.
Xbox One more Video Programming.
RSA sends Advisory.
Android and Malware.
Firefox 24.
Antares Launch.
DOD finds a Fax Machine.
All Things D and WSJ Split.
Google Logo Update.
Windows 8.1 Pricing.
Rdio and RedBull.
GoDaddy Acquisitions.
YouTube Offline Detailed.
Pinterest Ads.
Amazon Lockers Fail.
Autohopper wins again.
NYPD Classifying Docs?
No Free Speech on College Campus!
Linux backdoor.
ASCAP Slapped – Pandora Wins.
Mars Methane.
Ride Share Wins in CA.
Bounty on Fingerprint Reader.
iOS7 Battery OUCH!.
Cash Reward Increases at Microsoft.
Getting Old Company.
Phone Unlocking Update.
Instagram Apps.
Global Warming.