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Show Links to all Kinds of Great Tech & Science News

GNC #910 Moving Fast

Show Notes:
Sponsored Content Getting Attention Finally.
eBay user Scammed on Xbox One.
Radiation Blast.
The Jetsons.
2015 Ford Mustang.
Major Internet Image Issue?
Time for ECPA Reform.
400,000 yr DNA.
Internet Hijacking.
T-Mobile laughs at AT&T.
AT&T New Plans.
Moore Law and Chip Cost.
Patent Troll Bill.
New Government Mandated Conservation.
Cheapo Leaf Driver.
POS Botnets Rake in Credit Cards.
Google Allows Downloads of Data.
Smart Power.
HomeJoy Funding.
HomeJoy come to Hawaii.
Sub Launched Drone while Submerged.
Are you on the List.
Ford CEO Stays Put.
Keypad for your iPhone?
Women should be outraged.
Bitcoin iPhone App.
Bieber not worth 200k.
Siri is Listening.

GNC #909 Community Marketplace.

Show Notes:
ISON Dust Cloud.
Facebook news?
No need for 1GBPS.
MPAA cant use certain terms.
China off to the Moon.
HBO Almost Stand Alone.
Amazon Air.
100 Million BitCoin Theft?
Talking Points.
Windows 7 still growing.
Lightroom Deal.
Threshold Next MS Release?
4k Dell Monitors.
Nokia / MS Deal Almost Final.
Chinese to build Copeing 474 Airplane!
French Net Censors.
Don’t Brick Xbox One.
Huawei Pulls Plug in US.
Internet Sales Tax here to Stay.
Turntable.fm RIP.
Google Barge.
Volvo Self Driving on Road 2017!
WTC Whistles!
Eagle Grabs Camera.
Apple Acquires Topsy.
NVIDIA Shield.

GNC #908 Get your Shop On!

Show Notes:
23andMe C&D
Couric Now Yahoo Global!
Shaken NSA.
Newegg Trial #1
Newegg Trial #2
US Third World Internet Users.
Hadfield Wired Piece.
Killing Fail Wale.
UPP = Price Fixing.
Timing a TV Purchase.
Winamp Lovers ask to Open Source Code.
New Solar Plant Revolutionary.
Fake Tech Support.
Global Cast.
Black Friday #1
Curiosity Back in the hunt.
Is ISON Toast.
Picasa nabs Child Porn Purveyor.
No Swearing at your Xbox One.
No Outlook For You.
Twitch Having Live Video TOS Issues.
Twitter Robot Factory.
Line has 300 Million Users.
Black Friday #2
iPhone to Android Transition Guide.
SpaceX Geo Launch.
Black Friday #3
RelayRides SFO.
Skype Fixes Coming.
Black Friday #4
Glass API Opens Up.
NYC out to get Texting Violators.
WD Black 2
Doomseday Cache.
ZTE Smartwatch.
BBC Blasts Amazon.
Amazon Fights Back.

GNC #907 Gadget Time

Show Notes:
Square Cash.
Google Update Insights.
16gb Nexus 7 $199.00
Newegg Patent Troll Trial.
Fukushima Fuel Rods.
Pilot Lands Wrong Runway.
Shopping Deals Start Sunday.
LG Calling home to Mama.
Xbox One Tear Down.
Brilliant Ad Campaign.
Draw working Circuit with Pen.
Winamp Fate in Hands Of ?????
Tokyo Ladies Nap Room.
Haiku Deck for the Web Rollout.
Huge Gamma Ray Burst.
Google Drone?
Microsoft Azure Down?
Skydrive Auto Uploads on iOS.
Cubesat Launch at ISS.
HealthCare.gov in Trouble.
WordPress.com sues on Fake DMCA.
Silk Road Op Update.
App.net Update.
Chromecast and HBO.
South Poll Neutrinos.
Windows 8.1 Tips a Joke.
Pay Tuition with Bitcoin.
Spotify Scores Cash.
Instagram for Windows Phone.
FCC Please no Airborne Calls.
Samsung to Pay More.
Bitcoin malware payment price change.
Apple Firmware Update due.
Google Spyware.
Cheese to make you Puke.

GNC #906 Techonomy 13 & Ford

Show Notes:
Fined $10.00 for not providing Junk Food.
Yahoo Lockdown.
Social Media Prank.
Super Hoaders.
Ride to Space.
Apple Clean Energy.
BitCoin Update.
Computer Recipes.
Volcano Active in Antarctica.
Fukushima Update.
Fusion Update.
ISON Update.
FBI Denies FOIA Request.
800k On the Bed.
vBulletin Hack.
Anonymous Hacks Gov’t Systems.
Pirate Bay Founder running for EU.
YouTube Comment Battle.
Track Yourself.
PS4 Sabotaged?
Sprint and Best Buy Phone deal.
DOD Hybrid Order.
Mr. Reader.
Office Remote.
MLB & NFL Battle Aereo.
Honda Walking Assist.
Formal Dinner Setting.
Slingbox Update.

GNC #905 Community Building

Show Notes:
Praying for the Philippines.
YouTube Comments.
Engineers Lock it up.
Mystery Solved.
BitCoin on Rocket Ship.
Solar Power and Batteries.
DOS Tool attacking HealthCare.gov?
Verizon Versus Nexus 7.
Freedom Act?
Doc Searls on Net Neutrality.
EFF Slams NYT.
Asteroid Six Tails.
ISON can it Survive?
The Rich get Richer.
Mega out of Beta.
Glass terms Updated.
Marvel does Movie Deal with Netflix.
Microsoft Fantasy.
Redbox + PS4 = Win.
Prenda Team Going to Jail.
Silk Road 2.0
PS4 Teardown.
No Touching.
Gimp Going FTP.
Google Apps Kick IE9.
Torch Arrives at ISS!
Crypto Community Gets Active.
Glass Update.
No More External Extensions.
COPPA Update Troubles.
Facebook on S&P.
Etsy Changes Afoot.
Skype API Reprieve.
Fire @ Internet Archive.
Mean Alarm Clock.
Trojan Writer Wanted.
Anti-Patent Legislation.
Present Protector.

GNC #904 Want Glass?

Show Notes:
Net Neutrality Warning.
25 Years of Worms.
Coolest use of a 3D Printer Yet.
Bitcoin Really?
Dumber and Dumber.
DMCA Idiocy.
Free IT Training for Soldiers.
Too Much Cash?
Registar Battles.
Xfinity TV Go.
Buggy Apple.
$100k Bounty.
5% Equity Challenge.
Alpha House.
6 Guys do what Government could not.
Tunnel Plug.
iGoogle Shutdown.
Mac Mini Upgrade.
Connected Classroom.
Crypto Locker shakedown gets Worse.
Chrome finally hides passwords?
Tesco using Face Recognition.
GPS Trackers for everyone.
Place your Bets.
Twitter IPO Pending.
Games to treat ADHD.
Apple setting up shop in Arizona.
Fixing Windows.
Windows Fail.
Army Iron Man.
6TB Helium Filled WD HD.
New FCC Chairman.
We The People API.
iPad Air Review.
Viddy Shifts.
Amazon Boss Wife on Attack.
India to Mars?
Nexus 5 Review.
Not in my House.

GNC #903 Tap Tap Tap

Show Links:
Ingress Open.
TWC to up the Speeds.
Level 3 Guilty of Tap?
More Privacy Laws.
Reform Doubtful.
Comcast Political Activity.
Nexus 5.
Monster of all Malware?
Drones Mapping.
F-35A Combat Ready?
Firefox Safeguards.
Semi Cop Truck.
Windows 8.1 + Search = Bing Big Brother.
Sun is Kicking It.
IRS Scam Warning.
Next Issue for iPhone.
Clot Buster.
Xbox One.
Prenda Wacked Again.
Facebook Financials.
Gray is King.
Mirror Mirror on the Hill.
Patent Office Judge Lapse.
Supernova Predictions.
Cheap Tablets Coming?
BitTorrent and Music.
Google Barge.
Google Barge and Coast Guard Comments.
FAA Update on Devices.
Google+ Vanity URL’s
Apple and Gold Ads.
Pandora on Chromecast.
Google cracking Whip.
Mac Disk Diag!
New Nexus Colors.
Student Discounts.

GNC #902 Chinese Spy Chips?

Show Links:
The Ultimate Resume.
Whats digitally in your iPhone?
Russia finds Hidden Chips in Chinese Irons.
Feds took Reporters Papers during Search Warrant.
Apple reports earnings.
$14,000 MacPro?
SpitWad with embeded GPS.
We pay more.
Solar PV in Trouble.
Massive Towers to Gen Power.
Texas and Supercolider #fail.
Want Google Glass?
Chromebook Tablet?
New Product Lines in 2014.
Maven to Mars.
Hybrid Solar Eclipse on the 2nd.
Wifi Android App.
FCC Allocates Spectrum.
Hexacopter by BBC.
Star Wars Bloopers.
Hacker Locked up.
Orion Powers Up.
Internet Archive opens Game Archive.
GoPro Backpack Strap.
Netfix Zero Day Movies.
Squashed Netflix Rumors.
Dexter Coming to Netflix.
Nexus 5 Full Specs.
Gimp Review.
Magnet Belt.
NYT Spratly Article Incredible.

GNC #901 The March Begine

Show Notes:
Pirate Honeypot.
Can the Fix it?
Don’t call yourself a Hacker.
Skitch 2.5.
Tesla Coils?
Grey Mini.
Older Mac Upgrades.
Planck Retired.
Xbox 1.2 Million.
Army Tech.
Amazon Employee Count.
Google Ad Unit.
Facebook Tech.
Skype Changes.
Samsung Fine.
Comcast AlaCarte?
Who’s Listening.
Samsung 55 Billion.
Tweetbot 3.
White House Mole.
Paul Allen and A.I.
Judge Busted.
PHP Site Hacked.
EFF & Lavabit.
Twitter Jackpot.
Killing Patents.
Microsoft 18.5 Billion.
Windows Surface Sales.
Amazon Prime.
Amazon 17.09 Billion.
Automated Cars.
Gut Sleeve.
Old Mac Pro.
Minecraft Update.