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Show Links to all Kinds of Great Tech & Science News

Geek News Central Show Notes

This site was created in response to Google negatively impacting GNC due to the listing and linking to all articles that I cover in the podcast at Geek News Central. Over the coming months I will move overĀ  show links from the main site to this one. Google indexing system has no way of knowing the reasons for listing the links. So sadly they have to be contained here as not to further impact the traffic at Geek News Central.

GNC #920 Engaged

Show Notes:
Win for P2P.
What Hard-Drive to buy!
Fox will Stream Superbowl.
Wireless Vehicle charging.
FCC has the Power.
Acton Scooter.
People Power.
ISP & BitTorrent Throttling.
Build a Synth.
ISS to 2024.
Microsoft Revenues!
Salary Class Action Suit.
iPhone 5s data Pigs.
iRig Mic HD.
Digital Guitar Amp and Accessories.
A&E can be streamed.
Opportunity Selfie.
30 Years of Mac.
Tim Cook ABC Interview.
Human Power Plant.
Admin has to Backtrack?
Atlas 5 Launch.
Netflix has huge Quarter.
Feds Arrest Revenge Porn Operator.
Cracking a 20 year Cypher.
Is Chrome Listening to You?
Are you a Shopping Whale?
CNN Twitter Hacked.
Sprint Layoffs.
Snowden Speaks.
TIVO Change?
Prenda gets Smacked again.
Super Nova!
Pope and Internet.
Hacking Kayak.
3d Replicator (cool).
Cruise Ship Set Afloat.

GNC #919 Gear is Back.

Show Notes:
Podcast Awards.
HP Offers Windows 7 Primary.
250mb Plan.
Three Ring.
Healthcare.gov Hacked.
Aereo Versus Big Media.
Pay to Play.
ESA Happy.
Netflix Kicking it.
Google Pulls Chrome Extensions.
Glass + Theater = FBI.
Guest Blogging – Told you So.
Picasa Jail.
Inactive Account Manager.
55 to 59 Million.
Redmond after Bogus Skype Users.
2013 Worst Passwords.
Retouching Extreme.
300mbps LTE Mobile Accounts.
Roll your own PC.
Find those Drivers.
Cosmic Web.
Bill Gates Overlord?
iPhone 6 Multi-Screen Sizes.
NSA fed FBI steady diet.
Stolen CC and Border = Jail.
More on Mars Rock.
Netflix on Cable Box in Sweden.

GNC #918 CES Crude Strikes Again!

Show Notes:
Smart Contact.
FCC Blew it.
10 Years of Rovers on Mars.
NASA Budget.
Winamp is Back.
Vimeo and Kickstarter.
Android TV.
Yale Blocks Innovation.
Go Dark on the Net?
Scuba Breath??
Magnetic Net in Space?
Silk Road Bitcoins Seized.
FCC Boss Comments.
Glass Driver beats Ticket.
Xbox One King.
Starbucks App Insecure.
Google Charts Music.
Rdio Streams it all.
Malware Searches.
Download Tax Returns.
Fridge in Hack Attack.
Google Tops in Innovation?
DC Ready to Blow.
Apple Sending Refunds.
Intel Earnings Flat.
Windows XP + ATM = Hmmm
Security for Google Bus.
Apple and Mobile Payments.
Microsoft TOR Attack.

GNC #917 Back in Saddle Audio Only

Show Notes:
Google Buys Nest.
Cygnus Docks at ISS.
Star to go Super Nova Soon.
Lot’s of Launches.
Cosmos Back on Air.
Suntory buys Jim Beam.
Charter wants Time Warner.
Uber Protest get Violent.
Microsoft trusted more than Apple?
Accenture to fix Obamacare Website.
Google Travel Agent.
CNN Consolidating Tech.
600 Light years.
What has NSA Made.
In depth NSA Interview.
Audi finds you parking.
Caffeine Helps Memory.
Will PC Death Kill the Internet.
CES After Dark.
Some Border Privacy Rights.
Windows 9.
Blu-Ray to go 4k?
Copyright Week – Techdirt.
Copyright Week – EFF
Massive DOS Attack on Streaming Gamers.
Decline in Teen Pregnancy.
Sleepy at the Wheeel?
Automatic gets a new CEO sorta.
2014 Ford Fiesta.
High Profile G+ Users Protected.
Lindsay Lohan Tweets that Pay.
GoDaddy to offer Office 365.
FAA Drone Rules.
Yahoo Malware Attack Bigger.
Pirate Bay Prisoner Protests.
Target Talks Source of Attack.
Paypal new Payment.
China Rover Wakes Up.
Malware in Japan Nuke Plant Control Room.
Twitter Web Update.
50,000 year time Capsule.

GNC #916 What Tech Toys did you Get?

Show Notes:
UPS – Fedex #Fail
Amazon Apologizes.
Prime Boost and 423 Million Sales.
Hawaiian Electric Called Out!
Are you Dating a Geek?
Return Anything without a Receipt.
Comet Hunting Probe Update.
Fantastic Saturn.
SpaceX Launch.
YouTube ContentID system Broke.
Gazelle Contest.
Communicate in 2014.
Windows 8.1 Upgrade.
Lifehacker Digital Storage Lessons Learned.
Ten Chromecast Tips.
Organ Printing is Here!
Fitness Tracking Competition.
Mac Classic Video Games.
Know my App.
Time Warner Scrambling.
Dogecoins Heist.
Top 10 P2P Movies.
Delta had Price Fare Bug.
Snapchat Hack.
Rap Genius played with fire.
Stuck in the Ice.
NYPD Robo Cop Car.
Chromebook 11 is Back.
Mr Postman.
Iron Maiden follows the Pirates.
Jet Engine Instrument.
How Much to build a PC Versus New MacPro.
Electric Chainsaw.
After Christmas Deals.

GNC #915 MacPro not all That!

Show Notes:
RSA in Denial.
NASA Spacewalk.
Don’t Jailbreak iOS7.
Tech Geek In Jail?
Was Dotcom a Snitch.
Angry Bird Windows 7 Update.
Cars at CES!
Automated Bartender.
Obamacare Deadline Today.
Lots of Data Little results?
iPhone Pics.
Water Water.
MacPro only 8% faster?
Verge MacPro Review.
Engadget MacPro Review.
Microsoft CEO Candidates.
Rover Selfies.
Apple Acquisitions.
Allcast out of Beta.
FTC Target Investigation.
Hacked CC to be sold by ZipCode.
SnapChat Update.
Small Laptop Chargers.
Gizmodo 100 Images.
BitCoin QRC Code Heist.
Flu Shot and Men.
Amazon bans Beyonce Album.
Apple Store Heist.
Goodbye DVD?
LG Home Theater.
Times Square Ball Drop App.

GNC 914 Target gets Targeted

Show Notes:
Target is the Target.
Mac Pro #1
Mac Pro #2
Mac Pro #3
MyGlass iPhone App.
RIAA Vultures.
Copyright Screw Over.
Roku Gets YouTube.
Santa Trackers.
Word of the Year “Privacy”
Final Cut Update.
OUYA and Simple.tv
Winamp Saved?
New Torrent Site Gov’t Backed.
Google Transparency.
Livestream & iPad.
ISS Spacewalk and Leaky Space Suit?
Chinese Rover Overheats?
Supply Launch Delayed.
Bitcoin Grand Theft.
Zuck Selling Stock.
Rubber Band Machine Gun.
Hang em High?
Verizon Transparency.
Worlds Largest Ship Launch.
MS Insider Trading.
Mossberg Last Article.
Prenda Smack down continues.
Vine Vanity.
BA Gate to Gate Device Usage.
Steam Machine Teardown.
Amazing Optimus Prime.
Detroit and Free Homes.
Mobile Kill Switch.
New Torrent Chat.
Airbnb Milestone.
Yahoo Mail Tabs.
Twitter Alerts.
Mac Memory Clean.

GNC #913 Amazon Cheating Video Owners

Show Notes:
Amazon + Disney = Crime
Solar Prices Down.
AT&T tells Google Pay up.
Facebook Extreme Tracking.
Artic Ice.
Copyright Office Lunacy.
ISS Update.
Ozone Hole.
China Rover.
DOE Hacked.
Mac Pro’s Sighted.
Apple aids China Censorship.
Dancing Baby.
Steam Machine.
NSA Ruling.
Twitter Edit Button.
Sprint LTE Roll-out.
San Francisco Wifi Roll out.
Gizmodo Best Books.
WSJ New Tech Team.
Microsoft employees bailing?
Target boycotts Beyonce.
Amazon Original in 4k.
Windows XP Slow Booting?
Lights Out.
Anti-Bacterial Soap under Fire.
Apple Update.
AT&T Evil.
Army Laser.
Google Blackmail.
File Archives.

GNC #912 Digital is Winning

Show Links:
YouTube Live for Everyone!
DirecTV wants Cord Cutters.
Running out of Cemeteries.
Ford Self Driving Car.
Nukes for Science.
Gmail Caching Images Now.
ISS has Trouble.
Cygnus Flight Delayed.
MOOC’s Failure.
Aereo Takes Fight to Supreme Court.
No Calls in Flight Please.
Unlocking Guidelines.
High Speed Copper?
YouTube Battle Gamers.
Bitcoin API.
Facebook News Sucks.
Bots Rule the Internet.
Twitter Blocking.
Microsoft wants XP to Fail.
Verizon told to Disclose.
Huge Credit Card Op Busted.
Blackout Pouch.
No More Bitcoin Mint.
Samsung looses in Korea.

GNC #911 Battling the Crowd

Show Notes:
Reform Global Surveillance.
IT Job Tip.
Shopping Suicide.
Make it Snow.
Netflix on TWC Set-top Box?
Windows 8.2 + Start Button = Winner.
Will CES be about 4k?
Student Cheating to explode.
4chan Prank gone bad.
Want to donate some floppies.
Little Physics Problem for you.
IRIS Images.
Obama says Hack!
Snowflake DIY.
Burnout Button.
Citrix Essentials.
Glass Ban.
Barge Fiasco.
Rent Protest.
Chimps cants be Legal Humans.
Jupiter Acsending.
Square Update.
Low Earth Objects.
Yahoo + Imgur =?
Pandora Alarm Clock.
Mars Ocean.
Winter Emergency Kit.
Google Glass and WordPress.
Foursquare Reborn?
Microsoft Account Flags.
26 Million?
The Mouse.
Gaming Spys.
Mac Tips.
Coldest Place on Earth.